Along with our Ambassadors, we both share a passion for climate change.

Several Deeds Alone Ambassadors are part of the POW Alliance:
Ingrid Backstrom
Julian Carr
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Chris Davenport
Benji Farrow
Iris Lazzareschi
Ian McIntosh
Drew Peterson


Passion into purpose

POW works against climate change by turning passionate outdoor people
into effective climate advocates. We are a community of athletes, thought
pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders working to affect systemic political solutions to climate change.

Climate change is the apex issue.

Fact: the public lands fight is actually a climate issue. In 2017, the Outdoor Industry
and its broader community embraced its political role to protect our public lands, stemming bad
legislation at both the state and federal levels that would have given the fossil fuel industry an easier path
towards drilling and mining. These bills were symptoms of a greater problem — special interests touting
outdated energy technology while better, carbon-neutral energy solutions exist. Public lands were just the latest battle between the Past and the Future.

Every ecosystem has its apex predator. Every political system has its apex issue. When we usher in a new
era of renewable energy, electric transit, and carbon pricing, we remove the pressure to harvest fossil fuels
from our most cherished landscapes. It’s a daunting challenge, but one our community embraces.


A Renewable Future

We embrace technology and collaborate with the rest of world to reduce carbon emissions and stem the impacts of climate change. We travel by electric vehicles powered by renewable energy grid. Our appetite for fossil fuels no longer places undue strain on our public lands.

Together we can usher our vision of the future into being.


Renewable Energy

In the future, renewable energy will outcompete fossil fuels in the marketplace. As a planet, we need that future to get here a little more quickly. Red or blue, POW works with elected officials to build the political will to enact both large and small shifts in energy policy.

Transit Solutions

Energy storage is one of the keys to making clean energy sources viable in our culture. POW supports electric transit infrastructure development (charging stations). We help lower transit emissions on the individual level by working to implement town-to-mountain carpooling and electric shuttle programs.

Carbon Pricing

There is an unseen price to carbon emissions. Carbon pricing levels the economic playing field for renewable energy. POW is focusing efforts on states that are on the cusp of enacting carbon pricing.

Protecting Public Land

The battle for public lands is ultimately a struggle for the resources they contain. Coal, gas, oil and old growth timber extraction come with hefty carbon price tags. It’s also personal for us. These are our backyards, our natural cathedrals, and our most cherished playgrounds.

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