Alternative sports are massively popular, but most athletes struggle to meet the economic demands of training and competing.

Deeds Alone is built by these athletes — to positively impact the outdoor community.

Deeds Alone is a digital experience where fans and consumers follow and discover their favorite athletes, sports, brands and content.


  • Generate revenue
  • Cultivate your personal brand
  • Promote your gear, sponsors, social, podcasts, charities, and more

Let’s connect!   We’ll overview the platform, outline the partnerships, and help you maximize the opportunity.


  • Align with your athletes
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sell merchandise

Let’s connect!   We’ll overview the platform, outline the partnerships, and help your brand maximize the opportunity.


It’s hard not to notice that athletes live vastly different lives.

Athletes in traditional sports like Football and Soccer get tremendous benefits. These include free training, medical treatment, food, supplements, and travel services. And they make a lot of money!

Many independent athletes in alternative sports hold down other jobs, train at their local gym, pay retail for food and supplements, make their own travel arrangements, and drag their luggage and equipment around the world.

We see this as fundamentally flawed.  So we created Deeds Alone.

We partner with independent athletes, together we create digital products.

Deeds Alone is built by athletes, the best ambassadors for their sports.  Together we are cultivating a digital experience with more than 3k athletes and 1k brands, from ten alternative sports: Snowboarding, Skiing, Motocross, BMX, Surfing, Skateboarding, Ultra Running, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking.

Deeds Alone provides an authentic experience for fans — and will be a trusted source and connective fabric for fans, media, brands, and athletes of alternative sports.

Deeds Alone and Built By Athletes, LLC were founded in 2018, and privately held in Evergreen, CO.

Why ‘Deeds Alone’

In World War II, the 4th Armored Division spearheaded Patton’s army in Europe.  Unlike most armored divisions they did not adopt a nickname.  Their division commander proclaimed, “They shall be known by their deeds alone.”

Our success is driven and measured by the collective, and that is why we are sharing a portion of our proceeds with our athlete ambassadors, and charities who support our community.

We are all known by our Deeds Alone.


Peter Dopkin


Pete has 20 years of experience across the lifecycle of sports content, distribution, and monetization.  His background encompasses naming rights, sponsorships, production, video, mobile and social media.

Pete served as Head of Digital, North America for Repucom (now Nielsen Sports).  Before that, he oversaw business development, strategy, and production for the USTA’s digital properties, including the US Open Tennis Championships.

Pete has built multiple 7-figure digital businesses for both properties and agencies.  He has worked with influential properties, like Red Bull Media House, NBA, WSL, Miller Sports, ATP World Tour — and brands, including IBM, American Express, GoPro, Pepsi, EA Sports, and VW.

Pete lives in Evergreen, CO with his wife Alisha (who crushes life & makes him look good), their five-year-old daughter (who crushes black diamonds & 40-foot climbing walls) and five pets (he thinks, he’s lost count).

Andrew Lockman


Andrew spent the past twelve years helping Fortune 1000 enterprises solve complex challenges with technology.  Andrew’s background includes: managing application performance, migrating to modern databases, and improving digital quality via automation. 

This experience provides rich context for building Deeds Alone into a high performance digital property.

Andrew owns Business Development, managing the relationships with our Ambassadors, brand partners — and development team.  Upon launch, Andrew will be responsible for growing the user community.


Andrew and his two dogs recently moved to L.A. to pursue this adventure.

Durjoy “Ace” Bhattacharjya

Ace is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of based in Boston, MA. Before trading the interactive agency world for the startup world, I had the opportunity to work for some of the world’s greatest brands including Ford, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Starwood, JetBlue, and Pfizer.


Are you an Athlete or Brand?  Let’s chat live.  We’ll overview the vision/status, overview our partnership, and answer any questions.

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